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A Realistic City Simulation

Each Plan It Green city is as unique as its mayor. You decide where to place each building, factory and power plant. Deciding whether to build a park or a nuclear power plant is a hard choice, but now you are the mayor and it is all in your hands. As a mayor you have to decide between providing power and keeping a clean and sustainable city.

The Ultimate Build a City (or Town) Game

Not all city building games are created equal and Plan It Green features unique and engaging game play that will keep you building your own town time and time again. In no time your quaint little town will become a bustling eco-friendly city.

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Play With Friends

Plan It Green Live is the ultimate in interactive building games for kids of all ages. Connect with your friends as well as other Plan It Green Live mayors to assist each other in making improvements.

It's Free, It's Fun, It's Educational

Plan It Green Live is a free online city simulation game. Register online to play the game free or make it easy by signing in with Facebook.

A town building game that allows you to connect with friends and family, assist in building their town and learn from their civic improvements.

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Make a City

Plan It Green Live is unlike any other online city building games. As a mayor you decide how to create your own city. Choose between renewable energy sources like nuclear or wind power. Build lots of little houses or a few high-density apartment buildings. Each Plan It Green Live city is as unique as its mayor.

Environmental Education

Learn about the environment, renewable energy systems and what it takes to build and manage a city of the future. Invest in sustainability education in your city or town to improve the lives of your citizens.

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An Environment Game with the Latest Green Tech

Create your own green city of the future utilizing the latest in green Eco-friendly technology and earth science. Invest in eco-friendly initiatives, like LED light bulbs and hydro-electricity. Plan It Green is the most unique city game online.

An Earth Science Game for You and Your Friends

Build your very own unique city. You decide where to put your buildings, which green improvements to make and which earth science to invest in. Connect with your friend's cities and help them make their city more eco-friendly.

Realistic Environment Game

Plan it Green Live simulates planning and building a city. Each decision comes with benefits or consequences for the environment. The improvements you choose to make or not to make effect everything from the happiness of your citizens to your cities air quality.

Plan It Green Live Video :: Educational Games Online

An Educational Online Game Created by National Geographic

Plan It Green Live is the ultimate in online educational video games. Make your own unique city. Manage the cities infrastructure and make improvements to create a sustainable and happy place for your citizens to live. Watch the Plan It Green Live trailer below to learn more.

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